Our Services

We specialize in the personal and discrete care of family businesses. We serve only your interests as our client and act as your single point of contact to carry out your instructions. We do work with selected partners as needed. We focus on the following areas:

Investment Structuring and Controlling

Investment structuring for entrepreneurs

  • analyse the asset-liability structure
  • examine structuring of investments in terms of the short, medium and long-term needs of the business and the family
  • clarify fiscal and legal constraints
  • hire and deploy qualified asset managers

Advising institutional investors

  • manage asset-liability relationship
  • analyse portfolios
  • analyse target groups
  • design and implement sales processes
  • advise on market entry and provide support for international asset managers
  • hire and deploy qualified asset managers

Portfolio monitoring

  • aggregate liquid cash investments into an overview/risk structure
  • integrate other asset classes
  • aggregated risk profile
  • make adjustmentsand recommendations for required action
  • monitoring on request

Corporate transactions: We assist our clients in all areas of corporate and investment management

Investment management (reporting & controlling)

  • oversight duties in mandated functions (compliance, preparation and evaluation of committee meetings, reporting)
  • stakeholder management: use synergies, balance interests on committees
  • business strategy consulting: ensure consistency of portfolio and strategic approach (in particular diversification vs. concentration)

Transformation management (M&A co-ordinator)

  • conceptualisation
    • portfolio analysis, value added via technology, production, sales
    • analyse of motives and define objectives
    • analyse M & A environment, targets
  • transaction
    • select service providers
    • manage process
    • evaluate, implement
  • follow-up
    • post-merger integration
    • de-merger activities

Crisis management (consultants in critical business situations)

  • stakeholder crisis management
  • strategy crisis management
  • product and sales slumps
  • results crisis management
  • liquidity crisis management
  • restructuring

Real estate: we support in the assessment of appropriate exposure, selection of service providers and adjustment of portfolios

Value creation vs. asset growth

  • value creation
    property as part of the production process, involving administrative expenditure and capital commitment
  • asset building
    property represents high real value in asset building
  • diversification
    property lends itself to a reduction in inherent commercial risk

Real estate transactions

  • evaluations
    • reconciliation of the existing portfolio with the desired target portfolio
    • evaluation from the perspective of the business and the family
  • transaction
    • selection of service providers
    • discreet and interest-preserving approaches to investors

Real estate management

  • management professional management measurable by outcome and cost
  • commercial areas
    • administration
    • leasing
    • management
    • billing
  • technical areas
    • servicing
    • maintenance
    • refurbishment


Are you thinking of setting up a foundation? Are you already active as a donor and need support for the day-to-day work of your foundation? Are you an entrepreneur who would like your life’s work to have future sustainability? Foundations serve an important purpose in our .In every area of our daily lives, projects are supported through are foundations and initiatives. This ranges from a small donation to a local nursery, to the large, countrywide and sometimes even international projects of major German aid organizations. Our team would love to help you set your life’s work on the right path and to bring it to life. Talk to us, and we’ll sit down with you and find the optimal solution.